Required courses:
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 210 Social Problems
SOC 300 Research Methods in Sociology
SOC 301 Research Statistics for Social Sciences
SOC 321 Social Theory
SOC 400 Internship (at least 3 credits)
SOC 499 Senior Seminar: Inequality

Plus 15 additional credits from the following (six credits completed at the 300-level):
COE 220SS The Sociology of Time
COE 242SS Inequality and Well-Being
SOC 120 Introduction to Anthropology
SOC 162 Race and the Intersections of Identity
SOC 170 Forensic Psychology
SOC 226 Women and Gender Issues
SOC 240 Diversity and Intercultural Communication
SOC 250 Population and Society
SOC 261 Perspectives on Aging
SOC 271 Child Abuse
SOC 272 Substance Abuse
SOC 324 Medical Sociology
SOC 330 Marriage and Family

Sociology majors may choose to pursue concentrations in criminal justice and family studies.