Core courses
9 credits from the following:
JSTC 300 Critical Issues in Social Justice
JSTC 320 Service, Activism, and Social Change
JSTC 400 Internship (max 6 credits, 3 in the core and 3 in the elective)
JSTC 499 Community, Justice, and Sustainability
PHL 210 Ethics for Social Justice

Plus 9 elective credits in Social Justice and Civic Engagement
One course in three of the following designated areas - one course may be replaced with either an FYE or internship (3cr - not already taken in the core requirements) that pertain to Social Justice and Civic Engagement.

The Arts and Social Change

ART 110 Creative Studio

ART 380 Color and Culture
COE 217HU Revolution: Art and the Radical
COE 244HU Art for a Changing World: Studies in Environmental Art
ENG 360 Global Film
ENG 420 African-American Literature
ENG 421 Literature by Women
ENG 423 The Literature of Native America
MSC 202 World Musics

The Environment and Ecology
BIO 203 Conservation Biology
BUS 270 Environmental Management and Policy
COE 273SS Energy Revolutions
ECN 317 Energy and Natural Resource Economics
ENVI 101 Introduction to Environmental Science

Human Rights, Law, and Politics
CRJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice
LAW 316 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (or POL-316)
POL 275 Human Rights
COE 217SS Revolution: Political Upheaval Since 1900
COE 215SS Collective Memory
HIS 126 With Justice for All? U.S. History From 1860
IBP 101 Crossing Borders: Globalization
JSTC 120 Life and Death in the 21st Century
PHL 345 (or POL-345)
POL 375

Culture, Race, Gender, and Sexuality
BUS 330 Managing Diversity in the Workforce
COE 237SS Gender in the Social Sciences
COE 242SS Inequality and Well-Being
COE 265HU Queer Identities in Literature and Film
COE 265NS The Science of Sexuality and Desire
COE 265SS Sex and Sexuality in the Social Sciences
COE 269HU Heroes and Victims: Portrayals of Disability in Literature
COE 269NS Biological Foundations of Disabilities
COE 269SS Paths to Inclusivity
FRN 300 Advanced Applied French
GMN 300 Advanced Applied German
HIS 288 Black and White, in Color
IDS 210 Intergroup Dialogue
REL 120 One Nation Under God?
SOC 210 Social Problems
SOC 226 Women and Gender Issues
SOC 240 Diversity and Intercultural Communication
SPA 365 Global Hot Topics
SPA 385 Latinx in the United States
SPA 390 Special Topics
SPA 400 Internship

Economic Justice
BUS 250 Professional Ethics
COE 244SS Sustainability and Society
ECN 316
HIS 112 Rigged: The Rise and Decline of the American Middle Class
HIS 352 Advanced Topics in History
POL 353 Marx and Marxism