Students who pursue a minor in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals need to complete 18 credits in Spanish. 

Required courses:
SPA 323 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
SPA 324 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals II

Based on language placement tests, students have the option of the following courses:
SPA 201 Language and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World - Intermediate Level I
SPA 202 Language and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World - Intermediate Level II
SPA 300 Advanced Spanish: Oral Communication
SPA 305 Summer Study Abroad in Costa Rica (must include healthcare component)
SPA 311 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPA 365 Global Hot Topics (must be health focused topic)
SPA 400 (must be within the medical community in Lebanon)

SPA 500 (will also be considered)

Immersive Experience opportunities:
  1. The Atlantis Project for Pre-Medical and Pre-Health students in Spain: a summer study abroad program in Spain where students work in the Spanish health care system shadowing doctors and interacting with patients.
  2. Upon completion of the courses, students will have the opportunity to attend a 40-hour training course at Bridging the GAP - Medical Interpreter Training (at LVC or P.R.O.B.E. in Lebanon).  This professional development program trains bilingual individuals to work as a medical interpreter in the hospital and clinical settings.