Undergraduate Phase

Core Courses:
PSY 110 General Psychology
PSY 125 Readings in Psychology
PSY 199 Professional Development I
PSY 211 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 299 Professional Development II
PSY 312 Statistics and Data Analysis
PSY 430 Senior Seminar

Eight credits from the following Analytic Seminars:
PSY 320 Analytic Seminar: Human Development
PSY 330 Analytic Seminar: Cognitive Processes
PSY 342 Analytic Seminar: Science of Emotion
PSY 350 Analytic Seminar: Psychopathology
PSY 351 Analytic Seminar: Clinical Treatment
PSY 360 Analytic Seminar: Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 361 Analytic Seminar: Psychopharmacology
PSY 367 Analytic Seminar: Behavioral Genetics

Foundational Courses (3 credits each, all are required):
PSY 620 Human Growth and Development
PSY 621 Social and Cultural Diversity
PSY 622 Abnormal Behavior

Psychology Electives:
PSY 601 Professional Standards and Ethics

One from the following (or any additional 200-500 level PSY course not already used in the undergraduate major):
PSY 148 Health Psychology
PSY 170 Forensic Psychology
PSY 173 Junk Science and Paranormal Phenomena
PSY 175 Neuropsychology

Three Individualized Engagement credits from:
PSY 400 Internship
PSY 405 Collaborative Research
PSY 550 Advanced Research

Graduate Phase

Behavioral Foundations (3 credits each, all are required):
PSY 701 Orientation to Counseling Processes
PSY 750 Assessment and Evaluation
PSY 751 Research Methods and Statistics

Counseling Essentials (3 credits each, all are required):
PSY 711 Group Dynamics
PSY 712 Career Counseling & Development
PSY 720 Helping Relationships and Counseling Theories /Techniques
PSY 730 Cognitive Behavior Therapy
PSY 731 Applied Behavior Analysis
PSY 732 Addiction Counseling
PSY 733 Trauma Counseling

Three courses from the following Counseling Electives (3 credits each; courses are in development):
PSY 801 Stress Management
PSY 802 Health Psychology
PSY 803 Social Problems & Counseling
PSY 804 Crisis Intervention/Prevention
PSY 805 Art Therapy
PSY 806 Family Counseling
PSY 807 Child/Adolescent Counseling
PSY 808 Community Psychology
PSY 809 Rehabilitation Counseling
PSY 810 Marriage/Couple's Therapy
PSY 811 Grief Counseling
PSY 812 Spousal/Child Abuse Counseling
PSY 813 School Counseling
PSY 814 Police/Military Counseling

Clinical Engagement (3 credits each, all are required):
PSY 870 Clinical Practicum
PSY 880 Clinical Internship I
PSY 881 Clinical Internship II