Required Core Courses:
PSY 110 General Psychology
PSY 125 Readings in Psychology
PSY 199 Professional Development I
PSY 211 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 299 Professional Development II
PSY 312 Statistics and Data Analysis
PSY 430 Senior Seminar

Complete any 9 credits from the following Foundational Courses:
PSY 238 Developmental Psychology
PSY 246 Social Psychology
PSY 257 Addictions and Behavior
PSY 263 Cognitive Science
PSY 265 Abnormal Behavior and Experience
PSY 275 Psychological Measurements
PSY 278 Brain and Behavior

Complete any 8 credits from the following Analytic Seminars:
PSY 320 Analytic Seminar: Human Development
PSY 330 Analytic Seminar: Cognitive Processes
PSY 342 Analytic Seminar: Science of Emotion
PSY 350 Analytic Seminar: Psychopathology
PSY 351 Analytic Seminar: Clinical Treatment
PSY 360 Analytic Seminar: Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 361 Analytic Seminar: Psychopharmacology
PSY 367 Analytic Seminar: Behavioral Genetics

Complete any 4 elective credits from the following options, including any additional 200 level or higher PSY courses not already used in the major:
PSY 148 Health Psychology
PSY 149 Psychology of Sport
PSY 170 Forensic Psychology
PSY 173 Junk Science and Paranormal Phenomena
PSY 175 Neuropsychology

Complete any 3 individualized engagement credits from the following:
PSY 400 Internship
PSY 405 Collaborative Research
PSY 406 Collaborative Research (immersive)
PSY 550 Advanced Research

*Students majoring in both Psychology and Neuroscience must satisfy all elective courses separately for both majors.  While there will be overlap in some of the required core courses within each program, each elective course will only count towards one major.

*Once a student has matriculated at LVC, any psychology courses transferred in from another institution can only be used to fulfill Elective requirements within the major; classes meeting requirements within the Core, Foundational, Analytic Seminar, and Individualized Engagement areas of the major must be completed here at LVC.

In addition, students intending to complete an internship to fulfill the Individualized Engagement requirement within the major must complete PSY-400; internships completed through other LVC programs cannot be utilized to meet this requirement.