Required courses:
*PHY 111 Principles of Physics I
*PHY 112 Principles of Physics II
PHY 211 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
PHY 311 Analytical Mechanics I
PHY 312 Analytical Mechanics II
PHY 321 Electricity and Magnetism I
PHY 322 Electricity and Magnetism II
PHY 327 Experimental Physics I
PHY 328 Experimental Physics II
MAS 261 Calculus III
MAS 266 Differential Equations

*May substitute one of the following sequences with permission:
PHY 103 General College Physics I
PHY 104 General College Physics II

One of the following mathematics sequences:
MAS 111 Analysis I
MAS 112 Analysis II
MAS 161 Calculus I
MAS 162 Calculus II

Plus 4 additional semester hours above the 211 level.
Total of 43-47 credits