Summer Three:
PHT 611 Human Anatomy

Year Four:
PHT 602 Professional Issues I
PHT 604 Professional Issues II
PHT 614 Pathophysiology
PHT 616 Biomechanics and Kinesiology
PHT 618 Exercise Science
PHT 620 Motor Control
PHT 632 Clinical Examination
PHT 634 Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Physical Therapy
PHT 635 Physical Therapy in the Inpatient Environment
PHT 638 Geriatrics Physical Therapy
PHT 661 Integrated Clinical Experience I
PHT 662 Integrated Clinical Experience II

Summer Four:
PHT 742 Pharmacology in Rehabilitation

Year Five:
PHT 716 Health Promotion for Self and Society
PHT 720 Neuroscience
PHT 726 Clinical Interventions I
PHT 728 Musculoskeletal I
PHT 730 Clinical Interventions II
PHT 732 Musculoskeletal II
PHT 734 Selected P.T. Practice Topics
PHT 736 Neuromuscular Physical Therapy I
PHT 740 Prosthetics
PHT 741 Orthotics
PHT 751 Foundations of Evidenced Based Critical Inquiry
PHT 752 Evidence in Practice

Summer Five:
PHT 814 Clinical Education II
PHT 816 Clinical Education III

Year Six:
PHT 802 Physical Therapy Administration and Management
PHT 830 Neuromuscular PT II
PHT 832 Pediatric Physical Therapy
PHT 836 Differential Diagnosis
PHT 840 Clinical Readiness and Review
PHT 850 Critical Inquiry Capstone

Two Credits from:
PHT 835 Patient Management Seminar

One of the following:
PHT 860 Clinical Education IV
PHT 861 Clinical Education V
PHT 862 Clinical Education VI