Required Courses:

BIO 111 General Biology I
BIO 112 General Biology II
BIO 201 Genetics
CHM 111 Principles of Chemistry I
CHM 112 Principles of Chemistry II
CHM 113 Introductory Laboratory I
CHM 114 Introductory Laboratory II
PSY 110 General Psychology
PSY 211 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 312 Statistics and Data Analysis
NEU 489 Mind and Brain
NEU 499 Advanced Seminar in Neuroscience

One of the following:
BIO 231 Neurobiology
PSY 278 Brain and Behavior 

15 additional credits from the following theory courses with at least 8 credits at the 300 level or higher:
BCMB 421 Biochemistry I
BIO 205 Cell Biology
BIO 212 Animal Behavior
BIO 221 Mammalian Anatomy
BIO 222 Human Physiology
BIO 231 Neurobiology
BIO 304 Developmental Biology
BIO 306 Microbiology
BIO 323 Immunology
BIO 332 Neuroanatomy of Disease
CHM 213 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 215 Organic Laboratory I
CHM 214 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 216 Organic Laboratory II
NEU 232
NEU 285 Introduction to Psychopharmacology
NEU 291 Special Topics in Theoretical Neuroscience
PSY 238 Developmental Psychology
PSY 278 Brain and Behavior
PSY 320 Analytic Seminar: Human Development
PSY 330 Analytic Seminar: Cognitive Processes
PSY 342 Analytic Seminar: Science of Emotion
PSY 351 Analytic Seminar: Clinical Treatment
PSY 360 Analytic Seminar: Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 361 Analytic Seminar: Psychopharmacology
PSY 367 Analytic Seminar: Behavioral Genetics

Three credits from the following Applied/Research courses:
BIO 400 Internship
BIO 500 Independent Study
BIO 550 Advanced Research
NEU 292 Special Topics in Applied Neuroscience
NEU 500 Independent Study
NEU 550 Advanced Research
PSY 400 Internship
PSY 405 Collaborative Research
PSY 430 Senior Seminar
PSY 550 Advanced Research

Note: credit can only be received one time for cross-listed courses.

*Students majoring in both Neuroscience and Psychology must satisfy all elective courses separately for both majors.  While there will be overlap in some of the required core courses within each program, each elective course will only count towards one major.