Core courses:
MSC 087 Student Recital
MSC 089 Voice Proficiency
MSC 115 Music Theory I
MSC 116 Music Theory II
MSC 117 Aural Skills I
MSC 118 Aural Skills II
MSC 215 Music Theory III
MSC 216 Music Theory IV
MSC 217 Aural Skills III
MSC 241 Introduction to Music History
MSC 242 History of Western Art Music, 1730-1950
MSC 246 Principles of Conducting

7 semesters each of the following:
MSC 099 Recital Attendance
Individual instruction (MUI)
100-level music ensembles (MUE)

Students must pass MSC-088 Piano Proficiency, or pass the following with a C- or higher:
MSC 150 Class Piano Instruction I
MSC 151 Class Piano Instruction II
MSC 252 Class Piano Instruction III
MSC 253 Class Piano Instruction IV

Music education requirements:
MED 110 Foundations of Music Education
MED 223 Brass Techniques
MED 227 Percussion Techniques
MED 330 Woodwind Techniques
MED 331 String Techniques
MED 333 Methods and Materials, General Music: Elementary
MED 334 Choral Literature and Methods
MED 335 Instrumental Literature and Methods
MED 337 Music Teaching and Learning I
MED 437 Music Teaching and Learning II
MED 441 Student Teaching: Elementary
MED 442 Student Teaching: Secondary
MSC 316 Keyboard Harmony
MSC 416 Orchestration
SPE 250 Cognitive Development of Diverse Learners
SPE 255 Special Education Processes and Procedures
SPE 258 Effective Instructional and Behavioral Strategies for Students with Disabilities

One of the following:
EDU 240 Language, Cultural Diversity, and Academic Achievement: PreK - Grade 8
EDU 245 Language, Cultural Diversity, and Academic Achievement: Grade 7 - Grade 12

One of the following:
MSC 345 Advanced Instrumental Conducting
MSC 347 Advanced Choral Conducting

Students must also satisfy requirements for admission to teacher candidacy before their junior year along with further requirements for certification.  See the education program section for additional information.

Students will enroll in private study on their Principal Performance Medium (PPM) during each fall and spring semester.  Additional requirements for music majors can be found in the Department of Music Student Handbook.

See Additional Certification Requirements