Required Courses

Science Core:
BIO 111 General Biology I
BIO 112 General Biology II
CHM 111 Principles of Chemistry I
CHM 112 Principles of Chemistry II
CHM 113 Introductory Laboratory I
CHM 114 Introductory Laboratory II

Plus one from the following lecture/lab options:
BIO 201 Genetics
BIO 205 Cell Biology
CHM 213 Organic Chemistry I/CHM 215 Organic Laboratory I
PHY 103 General College Physics I

Plus one from the following statistics options:

BIO 214 Biological Research Methods, Design, and Statistics/BIO 215 Biological Research Methods, Design, and Statistics Laboratory
MAS 170 Elementary Statistics

Plus one 200 level course or above from BIO, CHM, BCMB or PHY (minimum 4cr)

Medical Humanities Core:
HIS/JSTC 499 Community, Justice, and Sustainability
PHL 210 Ethics for Social Justice

One from the following:
FYE-111Your Money or Your Life
MHUM 100 Introduction to Medical Humanities

One from each of the following areas (one must be at the 300 level or higher):

HIS 251 Topics in Political History
HIS 352 Topics in Economic History
JSTC 320 Service, Activism, and Social Change
POL/LAW 316 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
POL 352 Public Policy and Public Administration
SOC 210 Social Problems
SOC 324 Medical Sociology

History and Culture:
ART 380 Color and Culture
COE 224SS Evolutionary History
COE 263SS How Racism Defines and Undermines America
COE 273SS Energy Revolutions
ITG-499 Death, Dying and Beyond
SPA 323 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
SPA 324 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals II
SPA 365 Global Hot Topics

Social Identity and Inequality:
ENG 420 African-American Literature
ENG 422 The Empire Writes Back: Post-Colonial Literature
ENG 423 The Literature of Native America
JSTC 300 Critical Issues in Social Justice
POL 353 Marx and Marxism
REL 120 Religious Diversity in America
SPA 311 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPA 385 Latinos in the United States

Nine additional electives from the following (maximum 3 credits at the 100 level and minimum 3 credits at the 300 level or above):
ART 110 Creative Studio
ART-205 Human Figure
BUS 230 Principles of Management
ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENG 140 Introduction to World Theater
ENG 150 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 227 Survey of World Literature I
ENG 228 Global Science Fiction
ENG 229 Survey of World Literature II
ENG 252 Writing for Life: A Nonfiction Workshop
ENG 254 Creative Writing Workshop in Fiction
ENG 331 Persuasive Writing
ENG 360 Global Film
ENG 421 Literature by Women
HIS/POL 215 Constitution, Presidency, and Congress
HIS 253 Topics in Comparative History
HIS 288 Black and White, in Color
MHUM 400 Internship (3 credits)
PHL 240 Global Perspectives
POL 210 Topics in Comparative Politics
POL 256 Political Behavior
REL 140 Encountering World Religions
SOC 162 Race and the Intersections of Identity
SOC 226 Women and Gender Issues
SOC 240 Diversity and Intercultural Communication
SOC 250 Population and Society
SOC 261 Perspectives on Aging
SOC 272 Substance Abuse

Professional Development
One of the following:
BIO 410 Professional Development for the Health Professions
MHUM 210 Professional Development in Medical Humanities