Required courses:
MAS 099 Presentation Attendance
MAS 111 Analysis I
MAS 112 Analysis II
MAS 113 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking I
MAS 114 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking II
MAS 202 Foundations of Mathematics
MAS 222 Linear Algebra
MAS 261 Calculus III

Two additional intermediate courses:
CDS 120 Introduction to Programming with Python
Any ASC, CDS, FIN or MAS course numbered 200 or higher, excluding internships and 1-credit CDS courses.

Four additional advanced MAS courses numbered 300 or higher, except MAS-400:
One of the following may be counted in the advanced category:
ASC 482 Mathematics of Life Contingencies II
FIN 382 Financial Modeling

Mathematics majors are advised to take at least one computer science course or have equivalent experience. At the discretion of the department, the requirement of MAS 111 Analysis I and/or 112 may be waived for students who enter the major with credit for MAS 161 Calculus I and 162. Such students will still take MAS 113 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking I and 114.