Required Courses:
EDU 804 Research Methods in Education
MSE 880 Introduction to STEM Education
MSE 881 STEM Education Systemic Reform
MSE 882 STEM Integrative Curriculum Design
MSE 883 Integrative STEM Education Practicum

Choose three from the following principles courses:
EDU 840 Introduction to Designing Online Environment
MSE 801 Principles of Biology and Life Science
MSE 802 Principles of Chemistry
MSE 803 Principles of Physics and Physical Science
MSE 805 Principles of Earth and Space Science
MSE 806 Principles of Mathematics in a STEM Classroom
MSE 807 Principles of Technology and Engineering in a STEM Classroom

Choose three elective courses from the following:
EDU 841 Delivering Effective Online Instruction
MSE 813 Literacy in the Science Classroom
MSE 821 Exploration of STEM Careers
MSE 822 Forensic Science to the Classroom
MSE 823 Waterways: Water Chemistry, Biology, Environment, and Safety
MSE 826 Watersheds and Wetlands: Citizen Science Inquiry and the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab
MSE 827 Applying Wildlife and Natural Resources to the Classroom
MSE 828 Makerspaces and Design Thinking
MSE 905 Independent Study