Core courses:
CSC 120 Introduction to Programming with Python
DCOM 150 Fundamentals of 2D Design
DCOM 151 Digital Graphic Design
DCOM 170 Web Markup and Layout
DCOM 270 Programming for Digital Media
DCOM 271 Databases in Design
DCOM 311 Information Law and Ethics
IXD 130 Principles of Interaction Design
IXD 131 Usability Design and Testing
IXD 152 How to Make Stuff
IXD 153 Electronics for Designers (or PHY-212)
IXD 299 Portfolio Defense
IXD 410 Capstone - Project Management
IXD 411 Capstone-Research and Development

One of the following internships:
IME 400 Internship (3cr)
IXD 400 Internship (0cr)

One class from the following:
DCOM 465 Online Marketing
DCOM 468 Principles of E-Commerce

Students must take a minimum of 12 credits from:
IXD 450 Interaction Design Studio I
IXD 451 Interaction Design Studio II