Along with the English core, the following courses are required for the Film Specialization:
ENG 160 Introduction to Film
ENG 260 Film Theory and Its Applications
ENG 360 Global Film

Three of the following:
ART 215 Photography Studio
ART 260 The Photograph
ART 265 Color and Film
ENG 233 Multimedia Narratives
ENG 241 Introduction to Performance: Speaking and Movement
ENG 251 Creative Writing Workshop in Poetry
ENG 252 Writing for Life: A Nonfiction Workshop
ENG 253 Scriptwriting Workshop
ENG 254 Creative Writing Workshop in Fiction
ENG 341 Reading and Performing Between the Lines
HIS 288 Black and White, in Color

One of the following:
ENG 400 Internship
ENG 499 Critical/Making: Independent Integrative Research