Gateway Courses:
ENG 120 Introduction to Literature
ENG 150 Introduction to Creative Writing

Theory Courses:
ENG 250 Creative Writing Form and Theory

Application and Specialization Courses:
One course from any 200-400 level ENG course not already taken or one of the following:
COE 208HU Stealing Signs: The Literature of Baseball
COE 212HU The Silent Library: Information Across Cultures
COE 215HU Memory Unmade: Literature and Memory
COE 265HU Queer Identities in Literature and Film

One from the following introductory workshops:
ENG 251 Creative Writing Workshop in Poetry
ENG 252 Writing for Life: A Nonfiction Workshop
ENG 253 Scriptwriting Workshop
ENG 254 Creative Writing Workshop in Fiction

One from the following intermediate creative writing workshops:
ENG 351 Intermediate Creative Writing Poetry Workshop
ENG 352 Intermediate Nonfiction Workshop
ENG 353 Intermediate Scriptwriting Workshop
ENG 354 Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop in Fiction