Science Foundations:
CHM 105 General, Organic and Biochemistry
CHM 106 General, Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory
EXSC 101 Anatomy & Physiology I
EXSC 102 Anatomy & Physiology II
PHY 103 General College Physics I

Cross-Discipline Requirements:
MAS 170 Elementary Statistics
PSY 110 General Psychology

One of the following:
PSY 148 Health Psychology
PSY 149 Psychology of Sport

Exercise Science Core:
EXSC 105 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
EXSC 123 Scientific Basis of Coaching
EXSC 202 Training and Conditioning
EXSC 211 Introduction to Human Movement
EXSC 221 Fitness Theory
EXSC 305 Seminar in Sport and Health Science
EXSC 314 Physical (in)activity in Health and Disease
EXSC 315 Principles of Human and Exercise Physiology
EXSC 404 Advanced Theories in Training and Conditioning
EXSC 420 Lifespan Health Promotion Eating Disorders
EXSC 430 Nutritional Aspects of Exercise and Eating Disorders
EXSC 432 Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Prep (CSCS)

Clinical Experience (must equal 12 credits):
EXSC 460 Practicum I
EXSC 461 Practicum II
EXSC 462 Practicum III