Required courses:
EXSC 120 Medical Terminology
EXSC 148 Health Psychology
MAS 170 Elementary Statistics
PSY 110 General Psychology

One of the following:
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 120 Introduction to Anthropology

Science foundations courses:
BIO 111 General Biology I
BIO 112 General Biology II
CHM 111 Principles of Chemistry I
CHM 112 Principles of Chemistry II
CHM 113 Introductory Laboratory I
CHM 114 Introductory Laboratory II
EXSC 202 Training and Conditioning
EXSC 211 Introduction to Human Movement
EXSC 216 Human Physiology
EXSC 311 Fundamentals of Anatomy
PHY 103 General College Physics I
PHY 104 General College Physics II

Exercise science for Physical Therapy core courses:
EXSC 310 Exercise Physiology
EXSC 312 Psychosocial Aspects of Disease and Disability
EXSC 314 Physical (in)activity in Health and Disease
EXSC 319 Biomechanics

All 600 level PHT course requirements must also be completed prior to receiving the Exercise Science undergraduate degree.  Please refer to the Doctor of Physical Therapy page for Professional Phase course requirements.