Courses in the business technology concentration teach you to understand the deployment of technology within and across companies. Understanding how technology is used to improve customer relationships, marketing, operations, and communications prepares students to compete in a competitive, ever-changing marketplace.

Students who select this concentration will take courses ranging from Principles of Marketing and Special Topics in Business and Technology to Experience Design and Corporate Branding.

Four courses from the following, at least three must be at the 300 level or higher:
BUS 340 Principles of Marketing
BUS 341 Consumer & Organizational Buying Behavior
BUS 374 Personal Selling and Sales Management
BUS 376 International Business Management
BUS 460 Management Information Systems
DCOM 296 Special Topics in Business Technology
DCOM 396 Special Topics in Business Technology
DCOM 465 Internet Marketing
DCOM 466 Innovation
DCOM 468 E-Commerce
DCOM 496 Special Topics in Business Technology

Subject to the approval of the advisor, one course may be taken outside of the concentration and/or department.