Required Courses

Core requirements (15 credits)
CHS 100 Cyber Defense Strategy and Policy
CHS 200 Ethics and Compliance
CHS 250 Cyber Threats and Homeland Security
CHS 350 Open-Source Intelligence and Publicly Available Information
CRJ 286 Homeland Security

Elective credits (15 credits) 
CHS 365 Critical Infrastructure & Homeland Security
CSC 120 Introduction to Programming with Python
DCOM 387 Social Media: History, Theory, and Practice
DCOM 466 E-Commerce Innovation
POL 280 Terrorism and Extremism
POL 275 Human Rights

Experiential: Choose two from the following (6 credits)
Study Abroad in Maastricht and complete POL 275 Human Rights and Intercultural Communication course Washington Center
CHS 400 Internship in Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cyber Defense
CHS 500 Independent Study
CHS 550 Advanced Research Experience in Homeland Security & Cybersecurity