Required Courses:
ART 110 Creative Studio
ART 440 Directed Practice

Twenty credits from the following art electives:
ART 200 Ceramics Studio
ART 205 Drawing Studio
ART 210 Painting Studio
ART 215 Photography Studio
ART 220 Printmaking Studio
ART 225 Sculpture Studio
ART 230 Portfolio and Publishing Studio
ART 260 The Photograph
ART 265 Color and Film
ART 370 Museum Studies
ART 380 Color and Culture
ART 400 Internship
COE 217HU Revolution: Art and the Radical
COE 244HU Art for a Changing World: Studies in Environmental Art

Each student has the opportunity to declare a specialization in either Museum & Gallery Professions or Art Therapy & Wellness.  Students wanting to identify a specialization must do so by their junior year.