Required Courses:
ART 110 Creative Studio
ART 440 Directed Practice

Twenty credits from the following art electives:
ART 200 Ceramics Studio
ART 205 Drawing Studio
ART 210 Painting Studio
ART 215 Photography Studio
ART 220 Printmaking Studio
ART 225 Sculpture Studio
ART 230 Portfolio & Publishing Studio
ART 250 Architecture Studio
ART 260 The Photograph
ART 265 Color & Film
ART 270 Art Therapy Practicum
ART 370 Museum Studies
ART 375 Curatorial Projects
ART 400 Internship
COE 217HU Revolution: Art and the Radical
COE 244HU Art for a Changing World: Studies in Environmental Art

Each student has the opportunity to declare a specialization in either Museum & Gallery Professions or Art Therapy & Wellness.  Students wanting to identify a specialization must do so by their junior year.