Immersive Experience [IME]. Two approved courses/experiences, 0 credits. Can be taken in any year.  In cases where an experience continues and requires registration over multiple terms, only one instance of the experience may be counted toward the immersive experience requirement.

At LVC, your education is not pre-packaged. Every student has a passion, and every student gains important skills during their education. In these immersive experiences, students apply their learning in a real-world context, whether through an internship, directing a play, leading a service trip, writing a book, or conducting research alongside a faculty member. These may be curricular or co-curricular and may be completed at any point during the student’s four years at LVC.

Non-credit Immersive Experiences are given a grade of Satisfactory (S) or Course Requirements No Grade (NG); experiences given a grade of NG cannot satisfy an Immersive Experience requirement. Credit-bearing Immersive Experiences are graded on a conventional or pass/fail basis (see grading section of the catalog); students must pass the course to fulfill an Immersive Experience requirement.

Approved IME Courses/Experiences:

ART 200 Ceramics Studio
ART 205 Drawing Studio
ART 210 Painting Studio
ART 215 Photography Studio
ART 220 Printmaking Studio
ART 225 Sculpture Studio
ART 230 Portfolio & Publishing Studio
ART 375 Curatorial Projects
ART 440 Directed Practice
ATR 377 Study Abroad in China: Perspectives from Traditional Chinese Medicine
ATR 661 Athletic Training Clinical Practice I
ATR 662 Athletic Training Clinical Practice II
ATR 677 Study Abroad in China: Perspectives from Traditional Chinese Medicine
BIO 215 Biological Research Methods, Design, and Statistics Laboratory
BIO 410 Professional Development for the Health Professions
CRJ 499 Senior Seminar
CSD 225 Undergraduate Research Experience in Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSD 250 Service-Learning Experience in Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSD 255 Communication Sciences & Disorders Mentorship Program
DCOM 299 Portfolio Defense
DCOM 301 Ad Agency
ECE 440 ECE Student Teaching
ECE 441 ECE Dual Major Student Teaching
ENG 260 Film Theory and Its Applications
ENG 431 La Vie Collegienne Newspaper Editor
EXSC 376 Exercise Science and Performance Testing
EXSC 460 Practicum I
EXSC 461 Practicum II
EXSC 462 Practicum III
IDS 179 VALE Conference
IDS 199 VALE Records
IDS 480 E.A.T. Research Group II: Project Implementation
IME 105 Music Ensemble
IME 107 Acting Ensemble Practicum
IME 108 Adaptive Sports Volunteer Experience
IME 110 Living and Learning in Service Experience
IME 130 Interfaith Honor Society
IME 140 Alternative Break Service Trip
IME 150 Resilient Well-Being Through Mindfulness
IME 165 Literacy, Education, and Inequality: Serving Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness
IME 181 Athletic Travel Abroad: Italy
IME 203 Actuarial Science Summer Camp Resident Assistant
IME 204 Peer Mentor
IME 205 Resident Assistant
IME 206 Sustainable Living
IME 210 Theory and Practice of Tutoring
IME 211 Laboratory Teaching Assistant in the Natural Sciences
IME 212 Counseling Services 50/50 Peer Helper
IME 215 Health Program for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness
IME 228 BOSS Teaching Program
IME 230 Putnam Competition
IME 232 Intergroup Dialogue
IME 243 Semester in Shanghai, China
IME 249 Semester in London, England
IME 251 Semester in Montpelier, France
IME 253 Semester in Berlin, Germany
IME 255 Semester in Perugia, Italy
IME 258 Semester in Hamilton, New Zealand
IME 260 Semester in Belfast, Northern Ireland
IME 263 Semester in Valladolid, Spain
IME 267 Semester in Philadelphia, Pa
IME 269 Semester in Washington, DC
IME 270 Study Abroad in Quebec, Canada
IME 271 Study Abroad in Costa Rica
IME 272 Study Abroad in London, England (World Religion)
IME 273 Study Abroad in London, England (Education)
IME 274 Study Abroad in London, England (Music Education)
IME 275 Study Abroad in Ormskirk, England
IME 279 Study Abroad in Wurzburg, Germany
IME 282 Study Abroad in Perugia, Italy
IME 284 Study Abroad in Maastricht, Netherlands
IME 287 Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain
IME 291 Semester Abroad Through an Unaffiliated Program
IME 292 Semester Away in the U.S. Through an Unaffiliated Program
IME 293 Study Abroad Through an Unaffiliated Program
IME 294 Study Away in the U.S. Through an Unaffiliated Program
IME 300 Summer Research in the Sciences
IME 307 Directing/Stage Management Practicum
IME 315 Writing: A Life Assistant Director
IME 316 Green Blotter Editorial Staff
IME 345 Institute for Educational Governance and Leadership: Critical Analysis of Key Issues in Educational Research, Policy, and Practice
IME 405 Leadership in Athletics
IME 501 Independent Immersive Experience: Creativity
IME 502 Independent Immersive Experience: Intellectual Engagement
IME 503 Independent Immersive Experience: Intercultural Awareness
IME 504 Independent Immersive Experience: Comprehensive Leadership and Professional Development
IME 505 Independent Immersive Experience: Community Engagement
IXD 299 Portfolio Defense
JSTC 180 Organizing for Social Justice and Civic Engagement
JSTC 320 Service, Activism, and Social Change
MED 441 Student Teaching: Instrumental
MED 442 Student Teaching: Vocal
MSC 330 Half Music Recital
MSC 430 Full Music Recital
PHT 661 Integrated Clinical Experience I
PHT 662 Integrated Clinical Experience II
POL 376 Civic and Political Engagement
POL 380 European Union Simulation
PSY 406 Collaborative Research (immersive)
SED 440 Student Teaching
SLP 605 Clinical I: On-Campus
SOC 499 Senior Seminar: Inequality
SPE 441 ECE Special Education Student Teaching

Note: semester and study abroad/away IME courses do not carry credit, but credit is awarded for coursework taken as part of these programs.

In addition to the above courses, the following courses satisfy the Immersive Experience requirement across multiple departments and subject areas:

  • Advanced Creative Study (numbered 555)
  • Advanced Research (numbered 550)
  • Credit-based internships (numbered 400)