Connective Experience [COE]. Four courses, 10 credits.

Three 3-credit courses plus one 1-credit integration course (10 credits total). All four courses are taken in the same academic year, either in the sophomore or junior year.

The Connective Experience is a unique feature of LVC, in which students choose a topic reflecting their interest and explore that topic from three angles. Each of the three courses explores the topic from a specific disciplinary perspective, or ‘path of inquiry’, either in the natural sciences, humanities, or social sciences. These courses allow our students to pursue their own interests within our core curriculum, to recognize the unique contribution of each discipline to human knowledge, and to develop their ability to integrate information from a variety of perspectives.

Approved COE Courses:

COE 204CS Perfection. Noble Goal or the Road to Nowhere?: Synthesis
COE 204HU Utopian and Dystopian Literature
COE 204NS The Pursuit of the Perfect
COE 204SS Past Imperfect
COE 206CS Genealogy: Synthesis
COE 206HU Narrative, Ancestry, and Genealogy
COE 206NS Human Genetics and Heredity
COE 206SS Modern Methods in Genealogy
COE 208CS Batter Up: Baseball Across Disciplines: Synthesis
COE 208HU Stealing Signs: The Literature of Baseball
COE 208NS Introduction to Sabermetrics
COE 208SS Social and Cultural History through Baseball
COE 210CS Science, Society, and Structure of Music: Synthesis
COE 210HU What Makes It Great? Musical Analysis and Impact
COE 210NS Introduction to the Science of Sound
COE 210SS Music, Society, and Self
COE 215CS How We Remember, Why We Forget: Synthesis
COE 215HU Memory Unmade: Literature and Memory
COE 215NS The Myths of Memory
COE 215SS Collective Memory
COE 217CS Revolution: Disruption and Advancement In Art, Politics, and Science: Synthesis
COE 217HU Revolution: Art and the Radical
COE 217NS Revolution: The Nanotechnology Age
COE 217SS Revolution: Political Upheaval Since 1900
COE 220CS Time: Intersections of Science, Society, and Narrative: Synthesis
COE 220HU Narratives of Space and Time in Literature and Film
COE 220NS The Physics of Time and Space
COE 220SS The Sociology of Time
COE 224CS Evolution: Synthesis
COE 224HU Evolutionary Controversy
COE 224NS Evolutionary Theory
COE 224SS Evolutionary History
COE 226CS Growing Pains: Facing the Challenges of Adolescence: Synthesis
COE 226HU A Change Is Gonna Come
COE 226NS Who Am I?
COE 226SS We Are the World
COE 231CS Altered States: People, Drugs, and Alcohol: Synthesis
COE 231HU Entheogens and Higher Consciousness
COE 231NS The Science of Beer
COE 231SS Drugs, Behavior, and Illness
COE 237CS Gender and Communication: Synthesis
COE 237HU Gender and Communication
COE 237NS The Science of Gender
COE 237SS Gender in the Social Sciences
COE 242CS Traditions of Wellness: Synthesis
COE 242HU Musicians and Artists: The Impact of Mental Illness on the Creative Mind: Integration
COE 242NS The Science of Well-Being and the Treatments of Malaise
COE 242SS Inequality and Well-Being
COE 244CS The Web of Life: Humans in the Environment: Synthesis
COE 244HU Art for a Changing World: Studies in Environmental Art
COE 244NS Naturalist Studies of Pennsylvania
COE 244SS The Triple Bottom Line: Planet, People, Profit
COE 248CS How We Know - Paradigm Change in the Enlightenment Period: Synthesis
COE 248HU The Enlightenment and Music
COE 248NS Star Stuff's Guide to the Galaxy
COE 248SS Paths to Enlightenment
COE 253CS Innovations: The Paths to Our American Identity: Synthesis
COE 253HU Music and Composing the American Persona
COE 253NS American Science That Changed the World
COE 253SS America: The First New Nation
COE 263CS Race and Racism: Paths of Inquiry: Synthesis
COE 263HU The Genealogy of Racism
COE 263NS "Racial" Traits and Genetic Diversity
COE 263SS How Racism Defines and Undermines America
COE 265CS Sexuality and Desire: Synthesis
COE 265HU Queer Identities in Literature and Film
COE 265NS The Science of Sexuality and Desire
COE 265SS Sex and Sexuality in the Social Sciences
COE 269CS Disability Studies: Synthesis
COE 269HU Heroes and Victims: Portrayals of Disability in Literature
COE 269NS Biological Foundations of Disabilities
COE 269SS Paths to Inclusivity
COE 273CS Energy: Synthesis
COE 273HU Threat and Opportunity: Artistic Reflections of Energy
COE 273NS The Evolution and Science of Global Energy Use
COE 273SS Energy Revolutions
COE 282CS Open Minds: Synthesis
COE 282HU The Logic of Persuasion
COE 282NS The Science of Opinion
COE 282SS Open Futures
COE 299CS Connective Synthesis