Foundation Courses:
ACT 131 Fundamentals of Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
ACT 231 Managerial Accounting
BUS 130 Modern Business Organizations
ECN 101 Principles of Microeconomics
ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics

One of:
BUS 150 Math for Business and Management
MAS 111 Analysis I
MAS 161 Calculus I

One of:
BUS 170 Introduction to Business Analytics
MAS 170 Elementary Statistics
MAS 270 Intermediate Statistics
MAS 372 Statistical Modeling

Core Courses:
BUS 230 Principles of Management
BUS 250 Professional Ethics
BUS 285 Organizational Communications
BUS 340 Principles of Marketing
BUS 350 Organizational Behavior
BUS 361 Principles of Finance
BUS 371 Business Law I
BUS 376 International Business Management
BUS 383 Management Science
BUS 485 Strategic Management

One of:
BUS 460 Management Information Systems
ACT 480 Accounting Information Systems