This minor draws on current resources of the college, facilitating collaboration with departments and centers across campus, ensuring students an interdisciplinary approach to Africana Studies. In addition to the campus community, Africana Studies is committed to serving in Black communities locally and afar in order to build connections, critical thinking and collaborations. As a field with its inception in the activism at San Francisco State University in 1967, it emphasizes students' engagement in social scholarship and social justice.

Students in the Africana Studies minor will be required to take 18 credits.

Required course:
PHL 311 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Philosophy Critical Race Theory

15 credits from the following:
ART 380 Color & Culture
ENG 222 Survey of American Literature II
*ENG 390 Special Topics
ENG 420
*FYE 111 First Year Experience I
HIS 126 With Justice for All?
*IDS 210 Intergroup Dialogue
MSC 201 The Roots of American Music
*REL 311 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Religion
SOC 162 Race and the Intersections of Identity
SOC 210 Social Problems
SOC 240 Diversity and Intercultural Communication

*Topic must be one of the following: Africana Studies, Black Popular Culture, Race and Contemporary U.S. Culture, Race, or Black and Womanist Theologies.