Required courses:
Introductory courses (9 credits):
POL 110 American Politics and Government
LAW 150 Introduction to Law and Justice
One of the following:
ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
PHL 240 Encountering World Philosophies

Two from the following intermediate courses (6 credits):
COE 282SS Open Futures
LAW 215 Law and Government
POL 207 Europe in the 20th Century
POL 210 Comparative Politics
POL 245 International Relations
POL 261 The Presidency and Congress
POL 275 Human Rights
POL 280 Terrorism and Extremism

One from the following advanced courses (3 credits):
LAW 499 Seminar in Law
POL 312 United States Foreign Policy
POL or LAW 316 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
POL or PHL 345 Philosophical Foundations of Politics
POL 352 Public Policy and Public Administration
POL 370 Research Methods in Politcal Science
POL 390 Special Topics in Political Science

One from the following experiential courses or study abroad (3 credits):
POL 376 Civic and Political Engagement
POL 380 European Union Simulation
POL 400 Internship
POL 450 Politics Conference Presentation
POL 550 Advanced Research
A study abroad experience at an approved LVC summer or full-semester program.