Gateway Courses:
ENG 120 Introduction to Literature

One from the following:
ENG 130 Introduction to Media in the Digital Age
ENG 140 Introduction to World Theater
ENG 150 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 160 Introduction to Film

One from the following Theory courses:
ENG 220 Literary Theory and Its Applications
ENG 230 Grammar, Usage, Language: an Introduction to the Fundamentals of English Grammar
ENG 240 Theater Production and Performance
ENG 250 Creative Writing Form and Theory
ENG 260 Film Theory and Its Applications

Two from the following Application courses (one must be ENG 221 Survey of American Literature I, 225 or 227):
COE 208HU Stealing Signs: The Literature of Baseball
COE 265HU Sexuality and Desire in Literature and Film
ENG 221 Survey of American Literature I
ENG 222 Survey of American Literature II
ENG 225 Survey of English Literature I
ENG 226 Survey of English Literature II
ENG 227 Survey of World Literature I
ENG 228 Survey of World Literature II
ENG 229 World Literature III
ENG 231 Journalism and News Reporting
ENG 233 Multimedia Narratives
ENG 241 Acting I
ENG 251 Creative Writing Workshop in Poetry
ENG 253 Scriptwriting Workshop
ENG 254 Creative Writing Workshop in Fiction

Three from the following Specialization courses (one must be a pre-1800 literature course):
ENG 321 Poetry
ENG 322 The Novel
ENG 324 Shakespeare I
ENG 325 Shakespeare II
ENG 326 Major Poets
ENG 330 Advanced Journalistic Writing
ENG 331 Persuasive Writing
ENG 335 Editing
ENG 341 Acting II
ENG 351 Intermediate Creative Writing Poetry Workshop
ENG 354 Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop in Fiction
ENG 360 Global Film
ENG 390 Special Topics
ENG 391 Special Topics in Communications (CTW)
ENG 392 Special Topics in Literature
ENG 393 Special Topics in Writing
ENG 420 African-American Literature
ENG 421 Literature by Women
ENG 422 Post-Colonial Literature
ENG 423 The Literature of Native America
ENG 430 Multimedia Feature Writing
ENG 451 Advanced Creative Writing