Required Courses:
HIS 102 Recent Pennsylvania Politics and History
HIS 150 The Business of History
HIS 250 The Historian's Craft
HIS 251 Topics in Political History (IC)
HIS 252 Topics in Economic History
HIS 253 Topics in Comparative History
HIS 254 Topics in the History of the Americas
HIS 350 Introduction to Public History
LAW 316 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
PHL 280 Logic
POL 316 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Three of the following:
HIS 103 The Ancient World: World History from the Dawn of Civilization to the Fall of the Han and Roman Empires
HIS 104 The Second Age of Empires: World History from Rome and the Han Dynasty to the Mongols
HIS 105 Formation of the Modern World
HIS 125 United States History to 1865
HIS 126 With Justice for All?

One of the following:
BUS 371 Business Law I
DCOM 311 Information Law and Ethics
HIS 215 Law and Government
LAW 215 Law and Government

One of the following:
BUS 450 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
DSP 352
DSP 356
POL 345 Philosophical Foundations of Politics

Internship (minimum 3 credits).
LAW 400 Internship

Six credits from the following:
HIS 460 Undergraduate Research
HIS 499 Senior Seminar in History

Two HIS electives (6 credits) including the following:
COE 204SS Past Imperfect
COE 212SS Cyber Attacks and Disinformation: Asymmetric Tactics and Hybrid Warfare in the 21st Century
COE 215SS Religious Violence and Memory in the Twentieth Century
COE 224SS Evolutionary History
COE 248SS Paths to Enlightenment

Students who complete this track may not declare a minor in Law and Society.